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The MBS typically hosts 2-3 fly-ins and a few lunch events per year, as listed below.
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Breakfast/Lunch Events

Hamburger Cookout Dinner at Wisconsin Aviation

Date: 15 July 2020 (Past)
Length: 2 Hr (7 pm)
Location: Central Wisconsin
Type: Micro - 3rd Party

Fly In or Drive In for a Good Wisconsin Cookout!!!

Hosted by Wisconsin Aviation...


Commercial Drone Ground School @ MSN

Date: 01 August 2020 (16 days from now)
Length: Until 4pm
Location: Central Wisconsin
Type: Micro - 3rd Party

Includes Lunch...

Discounted to $199 for the first 5 to sign up! (regularly $299) - Includes course and access to this eLearning value:

Lion's Club Pancake Breakfast

Date: 30 August 2020 (45 days from now)
Length: until noon
Type: Micro - 3rd Party

Hosted by Wisconsin Aviation, at Dodge County airport, just NW of Milwaukee!.....

Weekend Events

Door Cty Fall Tour (Tentative!!!)

Date: 25 September 2020 (71 days from now)
Length: through Su
Location: NE Wisconsin
Type: Mini


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