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Date: 28 September 2018(Past) 

Door Cty Fall Tour

Event type: Mini
Airport ID: KSUE
Location: NE Wisconsin
How long: through Su
Start time: Whenever people
Time zone: CST
Event place URL: http://https://www.doorcounty.com/
Event resort URL: http://www.alpineresort.com/

Basically ' a 3 day weekend during the fall season of Door County'....

Remember that this is a "MINI' Event, so the MBS/Henry is taking minimal responsibility for finances/reservations.
This gives you more flexibility for tours/trips that you may (or may not!) want to take.
We'll have a welcome/burger cookout, but rooms etc will be on your own.
Depending on how big of a commitment we get, we are willing to make the deposit for something like a "Trolley bus Wine Tour", but will be less committed to things like horseback riding that we are more than happy to provide transportation to, but will back off on deposit/finances for. Ditto for nearby and excellent Golf course!
I will set up something with The Landing Resort in 'downtown' Egg Harbor for accommodations, but there will probably not be any 'volume' discount, reserved block, etc..
I have a house and a minivan up in Egg Harbor.
We can set up a "Welcome Center" in the FBO Friday afternoon/evening.

Someone could take the van and go shopping if they don't want to do the wine tour, kind of thing.
I'm open for ideas!

This is the PDF I've put together for ideas and a suggested itinerary.


Mr. Henry Fiorentini

Date: 12 September 2018(Past) 

Wingin' It to Reno Air Races

Event type: Mini
Airport ID: KRTS
Location: Reno NV
How long: 3-5
Time zone: Paci
Event place URL: http://airrace.org

55th annual Reno Air Races! Air racing is billed as "the World's fastest motor sport" and Reno is one of the few remaining venues to experience. 

We will contract rooms and meals with a local hotel and attendees will have a point person at the hotel to contact to reserve rooms directly.  
We will have a Hospitality Suite at the hotel for evening gatherings, & we plan to have a prime rib dinner on Saturday evening.
We will also make arrangements for parking your planes at a local airport & hopefully have both parking & fuel discounts.  
We will make arrangements for discount pricing for: transportation to/from the hotel & the race grounds, Race & Pit tickets,  souvenir bag of goodies, & lunch.
If there is enough interest, we will negotiate discount pricing for the Chairman's Hospitality Tent at the Race grounds
We will also have some side trips arranged for the spouses, who do not want to "tire kick" every day.

Please contact Sandra asap to let her know of your interest in participating in this awesome event so we will know how many rooms to reserve!!
Email her at    dreambuildertwo@me.com   


Mrs. Sandra Nickson

Date: 24 May 2018(Past) 

Rough River, KY Fly-in - Rooms are almost Sold OUT

Event type: Full
Airport ID: 2I3
Location: Central Kentucky
How long: 2-3 Days
Start time: Thur, Fri or Sa
Time zone: EST
Event place URL: http://parks.ky.gov/parks/resortparks/rough-river/
Event resort URL: http://parks.ky.gov/parks/resortparks/rough-river/reservations.aspx

ALL 'public' rooms at Rough River are already SOLD OUT - except for the temporary block being held for MBS and those expire THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 20th!!!

Don't miss the perennial favorite, signature event of the MBS season: Rough River KY!
Barbecue, Pontoon boats, shopping, seminars, and beautiful country - Rough River has it all!
Our beloved Larry Olsen has busted his chops to get our reservations for us, and it's a good thing he did!
They are already TURNING AWAY other guests that do not have a 'reserved block' as Larry has procured.
But they are not holding those rooms forever!
Sign up here (below), make a room reservation, and pack up the coolers!!!!  :) 


Mr. Henry Fiorentini

Date: 19 May 2018(Past) 

Weather Essentials for Pilots

Event type: Micro - 3rd Party
Airport ID: KUES
Location: East Central WI; 15 nm W of Mi
How long: 2 days (Sa
Time zone: CST
Event place URL: http:// http://avwxworkshops.com/live-workshops.php

Developed and presented by 
CFI & former NWS meteorologist, Scott C. Dennstaedt

Do you know the best kept secret in aviation?
Then attend this unique two day aviation weather workshop to find out!  As a pilot, there's no question that weather disrupts your flying activity more than any other physical factor.  You strive to gain the most utility out of your aircraft while minimizing your exposure to adverse weather. Weather Essentials for Pilots will enhance your preflight and in-flight situational awareness beyond the standard briefing.  
Be sure to reserve your seat to Weather Essentials for Pilots.  
It will challenge your most basic understanding of the weather. 
· Tuition is $429 USD per person if registered prior to April 10, 2018 · Elite members of AvWxWorkshops.com receive a 15% discount 
· Bring a friend or companion for an additional $329 
· Lunch is included on both days

Visit http://avwxworkshops.com/live-workshops.php (above link) for more 
details or to register today for this unique live two day aviation weather workshop!
Contact Scott C. Dennstaedt | scott@avwxworkshops.com | (704) 759-6601

Waukesha, Wisconsin  15 nm W of Milwaukee


Mr. Jim Hausch

Date: 13 October 2017(Past) 

Door Cty Fall Tour

Event type: Full
Airport ID: KSUE
Location: North East Wisconsin
How long: 3 days
Time zone: CST
Event place URL: http://www.travelwisconsin.com/northeast/door-county
Event resort URL: http://www.alpineresort.com

Door Cty has been called the "New England of the Midwest"

Find out why on a beautiful, early Fall weekend.

This event has been PUSHED BACK ONE WEEK, because the original weekend (6th-8th) are "Pumpkin Patch" weekend, and will be busier than ORD on Thanksgiving! :(  

Even so, the FOLLOWING weekend (the new, current date of the event, the 13-15th is STILL BUSY!
So contact me!!!!


Mr. Henry Fiorentini

Date: 15 September 2017(Past) 

Angel Flight Fund Raiser

Event type: Micro - 3rd Party
Airport ID: KDPA
Location: West Chicago, IL
How long: 1 day
Start time: 10:30
Time zone: CST
Event place URL: http://www.prairielanding.com

100% Matching Donations by an anonymous donor!!!!
If you ever said "I oughta help those in need....", here's your chance to not only do that, but ALSO HAVE SOMEONE ELSE DOUBLE  YOUR DONATION!!!!

Every day the phone rings at Angel Flight Central and someone in the Midwest, desperate and scared, shares their story. In all of these calls, Point A and Point B are seemingly insurmountable distances apart with no means for travel.

The quiet, yet significant, need for charitable aviation is enormous when you consider that any of us could become quickly overwhelmed with expenses and stress in the event of a family crisis that involves a need to travel. A general aviation pilot is often our passenger’s last hope due to their geographic location and medical condition as much as their strained financial situation.

By leveraging our resources to arrange transportation through volunteer pilots as well as other aviation resources, we are coordinating an average of five successfully completed missions every day for children and adults in need of accessing life-saving distant medical treatment. Disaster response and compassion missions are also included in our scope of services.

Through AFC’s linking relationships with collaborating organizations, 
approximately 24,000 charitable non-emergency missions take flight annually!

Your financial support is what allows Angel Flight Central to continue its matching service between unique aviation resources and urgent community needs. Join us in “giving hope wings” by enjoying a great day of golf at Prairie Landing! All tournament proceeds will be matched by an anonymous donor in 2017!


MBS Member Personal Event
Date: 21 August 2017(Past) 

Solar Eclipse: NEW Sites -Carbondale is now CLOSED

Event type: Micro
Airport ID: KMDH
Location: Southern Illinois (Carbondale)
How long: 1
Start time: Eclipse is at 1
Time zone: CST
Event place URL: http://https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com/?gclid=CPen3NzZuNMCFUi2wAodpjYA4Q
Event resort URL: http://www.siairport.com/

If you have not pre-registered at Carbondale, it is too late to do so now.
You will need to find another airport   And as a public airport, ATC cannot turn you down.  First come, first serve.

To help you plan alternates, here's the path, using ICAO airport identifiers as the 'line' that you can draw on Foreflight/FlyQ/etc to look for nearby alternate airports
Below the airports i choose to 'draw a line', with the time of Total Eclipse. The eclipse begins about  1.5 Hrs before totality
KGRI   Grand Island, NI   1:00 CDT
KSTJ    St. Joseph, MO    1:10 CDT
KMDH  Carbondale, IL     1:21 CDT
KHVC  Hopkinsville, KY   1:27 CDT
KSRB   Sparta TN            1:30 CDT
I am NOT recommending these as airports to go to, just that THESE airports will 'draw a line for you' of the total path, from which you can then choose your airport :)
and from a PWK (Chicago Executive) member: Metropolis, IL (M30) airport has nothing planed so there should be plenty of room. 

, anywhere less than 20
miles from the centerline of the eclipse should not compromise our experience
meaningfully.  The path of totality in our part of the country is 71 miles
wide (and doesn’t vary that much elsewhere).  SIU/Murphysboro Airport is
less than 11 miles north the centerline and only 3.6 seconds less of totality
than at Makanda, which is right on the centerline.  Of course, right at
the edge of the path, as seen on maps, totality will be a brief flash, not
worth traveling.  Chester, though not towered, has a 1-1/2-mile long, 

The partial eclipse will begin at 11:52 a.m. and end at 2:47 p.m.  Totality will begin at 1:21 p.m.

From Lorn Honey ============================================================================================

Metropolis, IL (M30) airport has nothing planed so there should be plenty of
room.   Anyone wanting to stop by can watch the event from the ramp.
  Me.  I plane on watching from my lawn chair in the back yard.
  Metropolis is just across the river from Paducah, KY.  Both areas
are in the total eclipse coverage.   Paducah's Barkely airport is very
busy (KPAH) but still may have some room.   If anyone is flying into
either of these airports you can call me right after the event if you wish and
I will come out.  (270-443-4919).   At Metropolis there is no
transportation from the airport to town but usually anyone at the airport will
be glade to give a person a lift.  Motels in the are have been booked for
weeks and rooms are going for $700 / night and you have to book for three days.
 If anyone gets stranded at either M30 or KPAH you can give me a call and
you can stay at our house if necessary.  I will be leaving in the morning
for Chicago to pick up the Grandkids so they can come down and  watch the
event.   I will be back on Saturday, 8/19/17.

 Lorn R. Honey Jr.  N168U

From Dave MacAllister (Poplar Grove), from HIS FRIEND, Ed Myers:
Ed Myers says: 

It appears that Carbondale, IL (KMDH) is not accepting any more aircraft for the eclipse. If you do not already have a reservation, do not go to KMDH.

Here is a list of airports I have put together as potential alternates. These are all uncontrolled airports that advertise that fuel is available.

As always, check NOTAMs before flight and consider contacting the airport you decide to fly to before departing to be sure that they can accommodate you.

And, if you get any pictures while you're there, please post them to the Chapter 1414 Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/EAA1414/

Take Care,

Ed Myers

Identifier Name City State Course (degrees) Distance (NM)
KTWT Sturgis Sturgis KY 172 289
5M9 Marion-Crittenden Marion KY 173 300.8
KHSB Harrisburg-Raleigh Harrisburg IL 177 270.8
H96 Benton Municipal Benton IL 181 258.7
KPJY Pinckneyville Pinckneyville IL 185 261.6
KSAR Sparta-Hunter Sparta IL 189 253.4
KPCD Perryville Perryville MO 190 271.2
KUUV Sullivan Regional Sullivan MO 204 267.4
KVER Jesse Viertel Booneville MO 222 268
KMHL Marshall Memorial Marshall MO 227 277.7
KHIG Higginsville Higginsville MO 230 294.5

"We Fly Our Planes


Mr. Henry Fiorentini