MBS Help Files

Help Files
8x11 inch Table Top 'Welcome to MBS' signJust print this out, paper clip it to a paint stirrer stick (free at Home Depot and other paint stores), and you have an instant "We Bonanza jocks are over here at this table!!!" sign.

ATIS and CRAFT PDF for ForeFlightA GREAT PDF that simplifies copying ATIS and IFR CRAFT information in the cockpit! From your iPad web browser (Safari), click/open this file, and then select Open In ForeFlight on the top/right of Safari. Then go to Documents in ForeFlight, Add this to one of your Binders, and start using! The Explanation of usage is on page 7 of the PDF, which you can get to from the Bookmarks dropdown. Contact me with any questions, and remember to get your FREE Bonanza Pen/Stylus as part of your membership! NOTE: This is custom for MY location out of Chicago. For YOU to customize it for YOUR use, download the "WORD DOC Format", edit it to your liking, then 'Save As' a PDF But THIS site can't post .DOC ("Word") files. But you CAN get this file from my personal website: http://www.n78hf.com/documents-and-links.html Henry@N78HF.com

BPPP Instructor Pilots within the MBS regionThis file contains the current list of accredited BPPP instructors in the Midwest Bonanza Society area. Please visit http://www.bonanza.org/pilot-training-bppp/onlineflight and refer to PILOT TRAINING/BPPP at www.bonanza.org for information about the free Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program online courses, and low-cost expert type-specific flight instruction that often results in an insurance discount that pays the full tuition for the course (ask your insurance agent or broker). ABS has more than doubled the number of highly qualified, standardized BPPP instructors in the past three years. We have vastly increased the geographic distribution of BPPP instructors. This and the free online training makes BPPP makes this the most convenient and lowest-cost Beechcraft-specific training available anywhere.

Quick "How To.." aka 'Cheat Sheet'In a few pages, you will know 99 percent of all you can get out of the MBS website!