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Date: 15 July 2021(23 days from now) 

Gaston's Resort

Event type: Mini
Airport ID: 3M0
Location: N Arkansas - NW of Memphis
How long: thru Sunday
Start time: Fri/Sat
Time zone: CT
Event place URL: https://www.gastons.com/
Event resort URL: https://www.gastons.com/

This is an 'Event in the Making'

My wife and I and another couple are planning on going there based on GLOWING recommendations.
Interested in joining us?
Drop me a line!
Or just 'sign up' (there's no 'commitment') and that will automatically give me all your contact info!


Mr. Henry Fiorentini

Date: 17 September 2021(87 days from now) 

Door Cty Fall Tour

Event type: Mini
Airport ID: KSUE
Location: NE Wisconsin
How long: thru Sunday
Start time: Fri/Sat
Time zone: CST
Event place URL: https://www.doorcounty.com/
Event resort URL: http://www.alpineresort.com/

You don't want to miss this!!!
It is TIME TO START FLYING AGAIN!  - Or certainly will be by September - but rooms/tours are filling up NOW!!!

Basically ' a 3 day weekend during the fall season of Door County'....
We'll have a welcome/burger cookout, but rooms etc will be on your own.

This is a "MINI' Event, so the MBS/Henry is primarily COORDINATING rooms/food, but not taking money/reservations for rooms directly.
So, unlike say "Rough River" this is a full town and not an enclosed resort - we have the entire County to explore, if we want!
Check out the web links in the "Click Here for Additional Information'" PDF link below for a big list of accommodations/ events (eg Trolley tours, horseback riding)

Depending on how big of a commitment we get, we are willing to make the deposit for something like a "Trolley bus Wine Tour", where we are LIKELY to be a large group that wants to stay together (2 month advance reservation or they sell out!)  but will be less committed to being directly involved in things like horseback riding that don't really need 'group reservations'.

The Registration fee includes rental of 1-2 (mini-)vans for transportation, as well as the wine/cheese reception

Someone could take the van and go shopping if they don't want to do the wine tour..

We have a LOT of Flexibility!

Click on the "Click Here for Additional Information' to get the PDF I've put together for ideas 

Use the ACTIVITIES section a) to register/pay, but mostly  b) to 'show of hands' for who MIGHT be interested in Trolley tour, horseback riding, Park tours, etc.  Rather than me sifting through emails, this gives me a nice report of 'who is interested in what'.  The prices listed are estimates that you would pay directly to the Trolley/Stable, not MBS and are there for reference..

TENTATIVE itinerary  

                  FBO Reception at KSUE
                      Only 1 mi down the road from Potawatomi State park.  I'll bring a few Trek bikes if anyone wants to get in some bike riding

            Dinner / Cookout   /Wine-Cheese Sunset
         Burgers / Brats  /Chicken  / Ribs
                         Per PDF, we have a waterfront house and will host this there.

Sat            Morning:  Breakfast is on your own
                                  But I'm thinking of offering a 'family style' breakfast at our house - it's an option.....

                 Nature Tour:  We'll have 1-2 (Mini) Vans, and some bikes, so we have some DIY leaf watching options!   
                 Wine Tour : Goes from about 10-3pm   

                 Trolley Tour (Trolley company has OTHER tours (lighthouse, etc), but the 'Wine Tour' seems to be the perennial favorite, 
                                      so that's the 'default'
                     The Wine Tour is 5 hrs long (10am to 3pm), and about $75 pp.
                      You can see the full list of tours as a hyperlink on the PDF here on the MBS site.
                      About TWO Months before the event, we'll do a poll and see who wants what, as I presume a major part of most of us is 
                      'to be with the rest of the group...'

                 Lunch is officially 'on your own' but we may do sandwiches/ Cookout at the House  (For those NOT on the 10am - 3pm Wine Trolley Tour)..
         MIGHT be able to sneak in some Bike rides. Trails nearby almost everything 😊
                         I have a 4 bike rack on the back of the Minivan, and 4 trail bikes in the basement...

                  Dinner: “Fish Boil Event” (gotta see a ‘boil over’, even if you’re having the chicken 😊 )

Sunday   8’sh  Breakfast
The ‘famous’ Al Johnson’s IF
They aren’t booked as often they are with 40+ minute waits, which is better "by 8, before church gets out..."'
People are up for the 30 minute Drive to Sister Bay

Or, local family favorite “Scaturo’s” in Sturgeon Bay
Near airport and Potawatomi St. Park, if we didn’t get bike riding in Yesterday..

Afternoon : Departure…..

 - Henry


Mr. Henry Fiorentini