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Date: 10 February 2022(71 days from now) 

Gaston's Resort

Event type: Mini
Airport ID: 3M0
Location: N Arkansas - NW of Memphis
How long: 3-4 Days
Start time: Thur-Sunday
Time zone: CT
Event place URL: https://www.gastons.com/
Event resort URL: https://www.gastons.com/

This is an 'Event in the Making'

My wife and I and another couple are planning on going there based on GLOWING recommendations.
Interested in joining us?
Fishing is apparently GREAT this time of year, as the competition (other fishermen) is minimal.
Ok, that's because it's cold on the water, BUT a great time to 'scout out the area' at  FORTY PERCENT OFF!!
Drop me a line!
Or just 'sign up' (there's no 'commitment') and that will automatically give me all your contact info!


Mr. Henry Fiorentini