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Date: 14 July 2019(24 days from now) 

Washington Island July 4th Fish Boil

Event type: Micro - 3rd Party
Airport ID: 2P2
Location: NE Wisconsin
How long: ~ 2 Hrs
Start time: 11am
Time zone: CT
Event place URL: http://e-clubhouse.org/sites/washingtonjsland/calendar.php

This is a MAJOR EVENT, hosted by the local Lions Club, and what an event it is!

A beautiful grass strip, nestled on the northerly tip of a gorgeous island, serving some of the best whitefish in the entire country!

More information coming, but mark your calendars!
This is a 'Micro - 3rd Party' event, meaning that it is hosted by someone else, and this posting is just a "Let us know who else is coming!"


Mr. Henry Fiorentini