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Date: 05 July 2019(15 days from now) 

INDIANA Fly-In for Lunch (1st Friday)

Event type: Micro - 3rd Party
Airport ID: KGSH
How long: ~1 Hr
Start time: Noon'sh
Time zone: EAST

Free lunch (donations accepted):Hamburgers Hotdogs and side dishes.

Theses lunches are done every Friday during the summer months at the following locations. 

 1st Fri. KGSH Goshen IN 
 2nd Fri. KSMD Smith Field Fort Wayne IN 
 3rd Fri. KRCR Rochester IN.   (CENTRAL Time Zone)
 4th Fri. KPPO Laporte IN. 
 5th Fri. (when applicable) KEKM Elkhart IN


Mr. Tim Ormsby